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We won!

Bus Stop Films Canberra won the ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Award for Education and Training!

Today we got to celebrate together as a class, after Wednesday’s awards dinner.

Filmmaking in Canberra continues to see such increasing growth and success and this in part has to do with every person who chooses to live and breath inclusiveness in their work practice and daily lives.

These wonderful students have had some of Canberra’s best filmmakers share their time and talent to support Bus Stop Films Accessible Film Studies Program. This award is acknowledgment of their contribution too. For every cast and crew member who has been involved in a Bus Stop Films Canberra project, thank you for choosing inclusion.

Thank you also to Screen Canberra for continuing to support the program and to Film Plus for their sponsorship.

AIE Film School also had significant support behind the program this year and I hope to ensure that continues into future years!

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Filmmaking is for everyone. Inclusion is everything.

I'm proud to share that I am a finalist for 2022 ACT Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards in 2 categories.

- Achievement in Inclusion - Dan Sanguineti (@aieedu & @busstopfilms)

- Inclusion in Education and Training - @busstopfilms

#InclusiveFilmmaking is about #ability & #acceptance. It's about embracing a diversity of ideas and perspectives, not just in story, character or script, but also in a way the film's lighting, production design, camera movement and editing are all put together. It's about collaboration.

Being an Inclusive Filmmaker requires giving value to people with disability in your cast, crew and production offices. It means thinking beyond just casting someone on screen with a physical disability. It means acknowledging. It means consulting. It means asking questions. It means mentoring. It means being kind & welcoming. It means being understanding. It means making way for the entire spectrum of voices.

Through my own life challenges, I realised how difficult it had been for me to achieve my filmmaking ambitions. I found that I was resilient. I often fell, and I would just get up and keep going.

So it became my desire to help filmmakers avoid similar obstacles. I want all filmmakers to feel empowered to achieve. All the work I do, is to support that vision, and hopefully make some cool films along the way.

My own story with disability, particularly acknowledging and accepting it as representation of who I am, is only really at a beginning. After finally receiving a diagnosis for Autism and ADHD last year, I was made to feel validated and heard. It gave me the self understanding I needed. All my life, I knew I was different in some way. Now I've begun to understand how I can look after myself better.

To the people who have stuck by me, supported me & held me up when I couldn't, thank you. Your support has meant I can support others.

I wish the absolute best to all individuals & organisations who are finalists for 2022 ACT Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards

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Our web series, Maura Pierlot’s Fragments picked up awards Two Awards at the @canbshrtfilmfest at Canberra Centre!


🏆Best TV/Web Series

🏆Best Screenplay

Both Maura and I are incredibly grateful for the acknowledgement and recognition. The achievements of the series would not have been possible without the hard and dedicated work of the incredible cast and crew and belongs to you all too.


Joshua Koske ( @joshuakoske )

Carl Emmerson

Matt J. Thompson ( @matthewjthompson )

Julia Faragher ( @juliaperture )

Declan Shrubb ( @declanshrubb )

Denai Gracie ( @dgracieoz )

Anthea Staats ( @anemone_thunderbird )

Shelly Higgs ( @shiggs_author )

Creative Producer: Pierlot (@maurapierlot )

Associate Producer: Miguel Gallagher ( @miguelpgallagher )

Production Design: John Silvestro ( @john.silvestro )

DoP/Colourist: Miguel Gallagher

1st AD: Zac Bridgman ( @zacbridgman )

Supervising Editor: Rafael Perez ( @rperezmejia )

Composers: Camilo Gonzalez ( @milogonzo )

Dan Poole ( @pooleymusic )


Tom Bryson ( @tom_bryson )

Linda Chen ( @unromanaclef )

Ankush Khanchi

Jade Breen ( @jade_breen )

Rahel Alemseged ( @rahelalemseged )

Brendan Kelly ( @brendankellyactor )

Erin Pierlot ( @erinpierlot )

Zane Menegazzo ( @zane.menegazzo )


Luke Patterson ( @luke.patterson.2617 )

Elisa Heath ( @lis.heath )

John Waterhouse ( @john__waterhouse )

Shane Marion ( @shanemeow )

Andrew Bromwich ( @a.j.bromwich )

Aaron King ( @aaron.m.king.7 )

Steph Jewell ( @stephjewell_photos )

Tom Fiander ( @tom_fiander )

Elise Mcmillian

Lyndsey Turnball ( @thisislyndsey23 )

Angus French ( @angus_french )

Stuart Henderson ( @stu.hendo )

Kyneshia Murray

Nat Mahler ( @nat_mahler )

Olly Richie ( @ollyritchie )

Nicole Hadfield ( @niixmakeupartistry )

Asheesh Saxena


Frances Adams

Mikey J Watson ( @vampyres_suck )

Nathan Gounden ( @unoriginal_nathang )

Conor Joyce

David Sanguineti

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