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Bus Stop Films Wins ACT Chief Minister's Inclusion Award

We won!

Bus Stop Films Canberra won the ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Award for Education and Training!

Today we got to celebrate together as a class, after Wednesday’s awards dinner.

Filmmaking in Canberra continues to see such increasing growth and success and this in part has to do with every person who chooses to live and breath inclusiveness in their work practice and daily lives.

These wonderful students have had some of Canberra’s best filmmakers share their time and talent to support Bus Stop Films Accessible Film Studies Program. This award is acknowledgment of their contribution too. For every cast and crew member who has been involved in a Bus Stop Films Canberra project, thank you for choosing inclusion.

Thank you also to Screen Canberra for continuing to support the program and to Film Plus for their sponsorship.

AIE Film School also had significant support behind the program this year and I hope to ensure that continues into future years!


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