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Twitter Thread from: @DanSanguineti 12:14 PM · Mar 19, 2021

Photo: at Justice League Press Conference 2017
Photo: at Justice League Press Conference 2017

I’ve had about 12hrs to settle my thoughts on the #SnyderCutJusticeLeague & well they haven’t settled. A 4hr cut is a result of circumstance enabled by an age of streamers. But now is representative of a clear discrimination from gatekeepers who marginalised artistic intent.

I’ve been open about my reaction to the decisions made in the DCEU, originating from 2013’s Man of Steel. But hindsight, which is ultimately what the #SnyderCut is, gives credence to a greater vision. A vision that has now been scuppered & will likely never be fully recovered.

I don’t believe anyone sets out to truly make a bad movie. The motivation of cinema is artistic expression & money. But bad people exist. They exist in their own bubbles, inadvertently unaware of how damaging they are until that bubble bursts. That’s #JossWhedon

We never normally would have the opportunity to compare creative visions like we’e had this week with the #SnyderCut.

Think when #RonHoward took over Solo, or when Patty Jenkins was dropped from Thor 2. The original visions lost & for the matter of debate for better or worse.

Richard Donner got a do-over for Superman 2, but his cut wasn't fully finished, due to time passed & footage lost. Snyder was given a rare opportunity. A chance to reinstate what was erased. I think a precedent has been set. Not to cave to toxic fandom. But to meet expectation.

Feige’s success at Marvel is because when expectation was not met, he listened, learned, adjusted & improved. Iron Man 2, Thor 2, Age of Ultron — look at everything that followed after that. I am unsure if DC execs have started listening. I hope today they are.

DC has a serious leadership problem. #ReleaseTheAyerCut for Suicide Squad is now a legitimate talking point. Ray Fisher’s disgusting treatment, the cutting of most POCs storylines in the JL theatrical cut, the blatant sexualisation of WW that is non-existent in the #SnyderCut.

#SnyderCutJusticeLeague isn’t just a result of a online movement to bully a film studio. It’s a curtain raiser. A reveal of blind & deaf racist & misogynistic decisions being made by execs at Warner Bros & funnelled down. And its now fully exposed by a 4 hour superhero movie.

And thats where I sit when it comes to my reaction to the #SynderCut. The film isn’t the greatest film of all time. It is a relief though. Comforting. Satisfying. An anxious feeling finally released, built by an awkward uncomfortable viewing of the 2017 version.

Much in the way the Ultimate Edition of Dawn of Justice restored a stronger coherence to its storyline, restored character arcs & explained key information that enhanced simply enjoyability of a film watching experience, the #SnyderCut is the ultimate edition of Justice League.

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Well this happened. Westfield Local Heroes Nomination. Its just a nomination, and I have a few things to work on to get into the next round. But the person who nominated me (redacted for privacy), wrote the most amazing, gracious and kind words about the work I do for the Canberra film community and what I achieved so far with Bus Stop Films Canberra.

I'm proud to be a Canberra filmmaker and producer. I'm proud to support and mentor emerging filmmakers. I'm proud to be a Bus Stop Films tutor.

And so I'm going to do my best to follow through on this nomination and get to the final three to be awarded the money for Bus Stop Film's inclusive filmmaking program. The community will have a chance to vote on the winners, so when or if that time comes, I do hope to have your support also! #localheroes #westfieldlocalheroes #busstopfilms #canberrafilmmaker #canberra

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