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2023 Finalist ACT Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards

2023 ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards

 Last night I was incredible proud to be finalist in two categories for the Inclusion Awards - ‘Excellence in Making Inclusion Happen’ and ‘Inclusion in Education and Training,’ representing @aiefilmschool.

I felt so humbled to be among so many inspiring people in the same room together, who have been doing incredible things to create an accessible and inclusive ACT region.

Em Rusciano's keynote speech about her ADHD and Autism diagnosis was honest, authentic, funny and inspiring. So much of what she shared resonated with my own ADHD and Autism diagnosis in recent years, and mirrored so much of my own lived experience since I was a child. I’m more inspired now to keep sharing my own story in hope that I can help others find themselves in their jumbled, busy, loud, overcrowded, under stimulated ADHD brain too.

A huge congratulations on all the winners and those awarded with commendations! I can’t wait to come back next year and keep helping making our film industry be kinder, welcoming and accessible for all!

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